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2 Paper Dolls

Many years ago, two about-to-be bandmates walked into a bar and one of them said

"Thank god you are a woman!”

Plenty of wine and soul searching later, 2 PAPER DOLLS were born.

We are Frida Farrell (vocals/piano) and Isabel Latz (guitar/drum machine/backing vocals). 

Since their first rehearsal, amongst 4 dogs, they have written enough songs to release 3 albums and performed at various locations throughout Los Angeles, including  

Viper Room, House of Blues and every bar along Sunset Blvd.

Our Music

Our music has been described as similar in sound to Heart, Alanis Morissette,

and a female version of Simon and Garfunkel. 

The songs are a combination of confessional lyrics, melodic guitar riffs and quiet,

introspective compositions followed by catchy, upbeat arrangements. 

We use drum-machines, keyboards, or nothing but an acoustic guitar

- whatever it takes to bring out the best in a song. 

We are songwriting junkies and firm believers in the power of music to bring people together.


I started writing and performing music, professionally, late in my life.

I wasn’t a teenager anymore…

Like many artists, I was scared and didn’t think I was good enough. 

Then I had an unfortunate skiing accident where my chin

was ripped off my face and had be sown back on. 

It left me eating through a straw for 7 weeks and unable to speak, never mind sing. 

During my low points I kept thinking if I get through this and if I’m able to speak again

I HAVE to start doing music. 

I posted an add looking for a songwriter to corroborate with and found Isabel. 

How lucky was I to find someone who was not only a breeze to work with but also funny, inspirational, very good at coming up with great guitar riffs, 

she also knew how to program an 80’s drum machine!


I grew up watching concerts and videoclips (it was the 90's) of the band Queen. 

To me, it was a kind of magic (pun for Queen-fans intended!).

 Despite my parents attempt to set me on a classical guitar playing-path,

I ended up playing drums in an all-girls punk band.

After 8 years of touring, recording, tipsy rehearsals, and the best time ever,

I moved away from Germany and the only place where I felt comfortable "performing"

was sadly inside my closet.

But when Frida and I started exchanging lyrics and melody ideas, something clicked. 

I suddenly felt that joy of making music with somebody again. 

I hope our music might reach, move, or inspire other people 

to do whatever it is that brings them joy. 

And if it just makes you want to open a bottle of wine, that's ok too!

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